Life coaching - individuals 

I believe that you have the power to change your situation, whatever that may be. My job is to get you to believe that, and support you as you make the necessary changes to your life.
Find your focus - This is a series of 4 sessions in which we will explore the issues that you are facing at the moment and put together a clear plan to enable you to start moving forward with clarity. The 'Find your Focus' sessions can help with both personal and professional issues and is also useful for students struggling with academic study. 
Walk tall: confidence coaching for women - If your confidence has plummeted then help is at hand. Over 8 weeks we will look at what is causing your confidence levels to wane then gradually build your up your resilience and self-belief. Watch yourself grow taller week by week. 
Reconnect with nature - This programme is suitable for anyone who feels disconnected and is unable to access their natural intuition. Learn how to use the outdoors in 3 sessions to enable you to focus, de-stress your body and find inner peace.
What's wrong with me? - If you've become tearful; you're struggling to sleep; you're feeling anxious; you ache in the mornings; you're finding it hard to cope at work, then you may be struggling with early menopausal symptoms. These are the symptoms that nobody talks about. It's hard to find the understanding and support you need and you may feel isolated. My sessions will provide you with some space to air your concerns and I'll provide useful techniques to help you cope as your body changes.
Individual sessions are priced at 49 and all coaching is based either in Leeds city centre, Calverley or Horsforth - see the contact page for locations. 
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